Our Vallhund Story . . .

I was in search of a breed that would be the perfect fit for our active lifestyle yet content to hang out with the kids and me in the house and not drive me nuts. Pavon Eleanor Rigby (Ellie) entered our lives in 2015 right before her first birthday. She is crazy, happy, and fun loving. She has been a pleasure to work with and train. She is my first UDX dog and was even invited to the AKC NOC in 2018.  I purchased Pavon Take it or Leave it (Adele) as a pup in 2016. She is the sweetest girl. She loves everyone and will cuddle up with whomever has a lap available. I can't say enough about this breed and the loyalty they give. My girls both show in AKC and USDAA agility and AKC obedience. They both earned their BH titles in IPO. Adele just earned her Champion in conformation. I want to offer not only a great companion but also one that is able to excel in any sport.
Litter born 5/8/2019

4 Boys 

4 Girls